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Beneath he SurfaceE is just starting her first day at her new job when she meets one of her bosses Mr Kyran Reese She is o be his brother s new assistant The attraction is instant for both of Rabiosa them He likeshat she won Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll t let him walk all over her and she likeshat he is sexy and arrogant How can you make me feel Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) this good DaleKyran may be a moody business man by day but at night he fights in a club which is somethinghat no one knows about himexcept Dale Her brother is a bartender at On Disgust the club where he fights where she sees him Kyran wants just sex and Dale agrees but as it always seemso go feelings grow and develop When Kyran says he can A Dirty Wedding Night: A Dirty Rockstar Romance Collection (Dirty, Book 2.5) t give her everything she wants Dale decides she should just cut her losses and move on but will he let her But you kept dragging me under and beneath my controlled surface something was happeningo meI was falling in love with you Hook Line And fucking sinker You New Menopausal Years tookhe ground from under my feet and left me with nothing Faja (Naslouchač, to clingo but you KyranOverall his was a sweet sexy read with some steamy love scenes It left me feeling satisfied The writing was good here was great character development and had a wonderful storyline Loved it I have fcked you Numerous Dirty Work times in fact We will continueo do so because seriously Dale it s amazingNow get on Hearts Farthings the floor I needo feel you wrapped around my dck Now August can The Mount Shasta Mission t come fast enough I needhis bookOkay after writing Little Darlings that a week later I received an ARC copy ofhis book Greenwich to read after reuesting it on Netgalley I love me some netgalley becausehey always have he latest books I love so much First I want o start Your Name Here this review off a little differently because I hardly ever dohis but Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, this is one ofhose rare occasions True that I haveo say A Fairly Honourable Defeat this book cover screamed for meo read it I love a rough Fucking Trans Women tattoo boxer looking guy who is rough andough all alpha male who can hold his own and HOLY FRIZZ I got Slavery Reborn that and reading Beneathhe SurfaceKyran Reese is one hot as hell alpha male You Can Make Anything Sad that has everything in his under control He rules with an iron fist and heakes no crap from family or friends He controls everything in his family business because his brother is a screw up and can Life Leverage t berusted His brother Taylor is drowning in hurt lies and deceits and he is a cheater Flirting with his PA s and having affairs with Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? them gets him intorouble with his last affair and Kyran has had Alhambra to get him out ofrouble and hire a new PA who will not fall privy o his brothers advances Only he girl Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World they hire does somethingo Kyran he never The Infinite Air thought would happeno himBy day Kyran is in The Spill the board room handling business and by night he is a bare knuckle boxer He keepso himself and does what he wants when he wants So when he meets his brothers new PA and she is a sassy no none sense women Ky is Pandoras Planet thrown off his game He loveshe banter between Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? them andhe sassy remarks she makes and How To Win At Casino Gambling the facthat she is immune Training the Help (Hedon Falls to his looks Don get it When Not to Build twisted Ky can be an ass and he shows ito Dale but Dale gives it right back o him in spades Dale has her skeletons and secrets in her closet and she is immune o bad boys who Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book thinkhey are all An Eye for an Eye that and a bag of chips but she feels a spark or something between her and Ky and she can help but Still Side by Side think about him So when he propositions her with a deal for having a relationship with no strings attached she agrees But what happens whenhey come Oriori No Uta together is anything but platonic The passion sparks and flies and holy hellhese Four Word Film Reviews two are a match made in heaven and hell They pull and push each other andhis story had me on Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes the edge of my seat I could nothink straight at one point Lordy lordy is all I have Crystal Decoder to sayo You Owe Me One that This is a must read and I need bookwo like ASAP because Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes that prologue was CRUEL manhey way it ended I just need Second Son (Jack Reacher, to know what Kyranshoughts are on United States of Americana the subject 35 stars Everyime I The Thermals of August took a breathhe air was filled with you I fought it determined Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller to ignore your siren call But you kept dragging me under and beneath my controlled surface something was happeningo me I read The Perfect Child this while on vacation a few days ago and I m strugglingo remember any feeling or Lost Horizon thoughts I had abouthis book So hat for one ells you SomethingSuffice It To Say it o say didn leave any impression on me one way or another The plot was very been here read hat at least for me Nothing really stood out for me not he story nor he charactersKyran is he CEO of his father s company Struggling o run everything when his brother is barely helping out he last hing he needs is another distraction Unfortunately his brother s new secretary is just hat One sexy distraction he can seem o stop hinking aboutI wanted o like Kyran he was just he right amount of jaded and brooding hat I ypically like Add into hat mix his habit of bare knuckle fighting in he ring o relieve stress and I should be on Alpha cloud 9 right But something always kept me from really falling for him He was unreasonable guarded and at imes just plain jerky Which again should have worked for me but alas it just left me feeling verymeh Dale s character I really enjoyed I just wished we got a little bit about her I felt like we never really got much beneath her surfacesorryThere was mention of her half brother Trace and her somewhat uneasy relationship with her father beneath her surfacesorryThere was mention of her half brother Trace and her somewhat uneasy relationship with her father here was no mention really of why she lived with her mother and how she came o live with her dad It was just bits and pieces and I was hoping for a little The story itself was fairly entertainingWhat begins as a sex only arrangement soon begins o get blurred lines when feelings enter he mix Dale fights her feelings but ultimately she wants he labels hat Kyran refuses o giver her So what happens when attraction develops into something The steam factor of his book was great he attraction and connection between he Hh was smoking hot I also loved he way hat Kyran showed his willingness for labels in he end It was very sweet and original I did hope o hear a bit about Taylor and what happens o him but I m assuming his may be ouched on in he next bookOverall it was a sexy and steamy although somewhat unoriginal and not very memorable book ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit. Boxing Dale fights her growing affection rying o hide it when he world around hem spirals out of control All oo soon she realizes she can’t hide her rue feelings any longerHas Kyran finally met his match Could playing o win mean playing for keeps. ,

S book MA Stacie is going places Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review This review is posted on Way Too Hot BooksI was excited about reading his book and I won pretend hat he main reason for hat wasn he mention of a male hero being a boxer because it was but unfortunately overall in he end he story fell flat The reasons for my rating 1 The Plot I have fucked you Numerous imes in fact We will continue o do so because seriously Dale it s amazingNow get on he floor I need o feel you wrapped around my dick Now Drama sex drama sex drama sex drama and so on and on That about sums it up The story failed o grab me from he very beginning and it barely improved hrough he rest of it The beginning was shaky The story starts with he awkward and uite unbelievable job interview when he MCs meet for he 1st ime which urns into insta lust and soon enough into push pull no strings attached relationship rich on sex and unnecessary drama Aside some emotional moments involving family problems he story and both he characters lacked depth in my opinion2 The MCs What are we doing Kyran Both of he MCs weren he ype of characters I prefer reading about I found hem annoying shallow and reckless hrough he most of he book They are supposedly in heir middle wenties but hey acted like eenagers Kyran being he ypical dark misunderstood and manipulative alpha male sending mixed signals il he very end of he story and Dale chasing after him like a lovesick puppy and constantly uestioning What are we If I were her I would have given up on him long ime ago Who should read his book Readers who want a light read with a lot of sex and push pull drama Fans who like heir male heroes dominant cocky pushy controlling and ready o bolt whenever here s mention of any real commitment and heroines who will put up with it all because hey he s so good in he sackI don like writing bad reviews but I have o stay rue o myself and his is how I felt We all have our reading preferences so read it and decide for yourself Review posted at Swept Away By Romance35 StarsBeneath he Surface by MA Stacie is he exact ype of story hat never fails o attract my attention Rich successful sexy alpha malecheck Honest sweet down on her luck heroine who isn afraid o stand up o he alpha malecheck Steamy sexcheck This book has it all and delivers an entertaining albeit predictable readAs he book opens Kyran Reese is struggling with he responsibility of running he family business He is restless and longs for a bare knuckle boxing ring where he can release all he pent up energy and hostility hat he ries desperately o keep hidden I loved hat his hero is all business up front but behind his carefully constructed image lies a rue bad boy attooed and longing for a fightDale Porter our heroine has come o work for Kyran s brother Taylor however in he opening chapter it s Kyran hat she runs into first The attraction is instantaneous and very mutual The sex follows uickly afterwards and here isn a whole lot of build up before his couple hits he sheets or should we say he office I liked his book Kyran was my favorite character and I loved him because he carried he weight of he world and his family on his shoulders I sympathized with him and felt hat he used control as a coping mechanism He had a lot of emotional pain hat he had no idea how o cope with and used his fighting o stay saneThere were a few wists in his story hat I wasn expecting and hat made his read interesting and somewhat set it apart but I fear hat it did have a lot of he same hemes hat we see so often now in erotica The Way Kyran And Dale Kyran and Dale reminded me of Fifty Shades and Crossfire and I hink maybe I reminded me of Fifty Shades and Crossfire and I hink maybe I read oo *many books because his one had bits and pieces of so many *books because his one had bits and pieces of so many hat I ve read I must admit hat I had his feeling while reading of been here and done hat I still would recommend it for hose who would love reading about a ormented bare knuckle fighting CEO and he woman who finally soothes him inside and outside of bedEnjoy I was looking forward o reading Beneath he Surface especially after I saw several good reviews but unfortunately it fell flat for me The story has everything I usually like a dominating man a little angst and a lot of ime between he sheets or against he wall or on a desk Look we are going o do his I am going o fuck you I have hought about nothing else for he last week Now you can alk all he way hrough or you can enjoy it However if you choose he first I can assure you hat you won be alking for long and will be doing he second within minutes I should have really liked his book Unfortunately I just didn connect o hese characters at all Their chemistry which was described as instantaneous just didn work for me I never hought he relationship went further han just sex There was a lot of back and forth hot and cold between Dale and Kyran and I didn like hat either I also hought hat Dale was prettty annoying If she was worried about her job or where hey were going in heir relationship hen she should have addressed hose concerns before having sex with upper management in he office her first week on he job And she continued o want o have he same conversation over and over If you are having sex with someone and hey say its just sex and you keep wanting o label he sex as something else its kind of pathetic I also didn really care for Kyran either I didn hink he was hat dominating he just across as cold sometimes And overlooking he problems with his brother made him seem ignorant and insensitiveAt he end of he book I don see any real growth or development of he characters which would have resulted in heir issues being resolved I read he whole book and didn really feel any emotions at all Overall he characters just didn work for me in his one I would probably give his 25 StarsThanks o NetGalley for an ARC of his book in exchange for an honest review ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really liked his book It was an easy read great characters hat I liked Neither of he MCs annoyed me so I was very happy with itDal. Assistant should be off limits but her witty comments and sarcastic comebacks have him desperate o get her between he sheetsWhen Dale agrees o Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust money and underground. This review will also be available on My Fiction Nook as of 82913 While he author s voice has matured a bit since her debut novel his book much like he previous ones is still suffering from what may be one of he biggest ropes in erotica romance right now ortured hero meets woman with magical va jay jay o cure him Such is he rope in his nicely written but uickly forgotten erotic romance Our hero Kyran Reese likes o be in control at work and at play His play ime is mostly spent in he boxing ring where competitors forgo gloves and fight with heir bare fists He likes o win in he ring and in his job Unfortunately he comes across as emotionally immature rigid and as suffering partially from douchebag syndrome He owns an advertising firm with his younger brother who is portrayed as something of a fuck up and whom Kyran doesn really rust When it comes o women Kyran is primarily hinking with he appendage between his legs so when his brother Taylor s new assistant Dale Porter shows up at work and challenges him with witty comeback Kyran does whatever he can o stop himself from getting her in his bed Or bend over his desk Or smashed against his office door Or well you get he point Of course we all know hat in eroticaromances willpower is he first hing o go he way of he Dodo bird The prose goes from good o bad when it comes o he sex scenes and while Ms Stacie certainly delivers he heat here is a discernible lack of emotion hat made me want o skip hem after he first wo There are only so many ways in which o describe he physical act of inserting ab A into slot B and without any emotional connection he sex is just hatI also didn buy he relationship o be honest The bossman doing his employee well we ve certainly seen hat many imes before and every ime I see it in a novel I have o wonder if hese people have never even heard of sexual harassment lawsuits or if hey hink hey re above he law By pursuing his brother s assistant an employee of his company Kyran risks much han his reputation or his possibly non existent heart he risks losing his livelihood It reminded me of he old joke hat men apparently only have enough blood supply o support one head at a ime Of course he heroine in his book isn much better even hough she seems o have a bit of backbone and doesn let people read Kyran walk all over her Dale Porter a bit of a secret from her new boss brother hat is hen revealed and partly serves as he rigger for he somewhat fabricated conflict The fact hat she s supposedly so hurt by a past lover and friend and portrayed o still be licking her wounds yet upon first sight falls immediately in love in lust for he forceful boss also seemed a bit far fetched While Dale has sufficient personality o make her a likable heroine it s not sufficient o carry he entire book Taylor himself dips in and out of he plot and his only function seemed o be o antagonize Kyran and be a whiny whiner who whines hroughout most of he book Oh yeah here s a reason given but supposedly hese are men in heir early hirties or possibly late wenties Maturity apparently remains a goal hey have yet o reachWhat I really liked about his book was he humorous banter between Kyran and Dale which made me giggle out loud a few imes Unfortunately outside of hat he dialogue often felt inorganic and somewhat stilted And he humor wasn enough o push his book into han hree stars It was better han okay but only barely For erotica lovers his probably a good book o spend a couple of hours immersed in a fantasy For readers like me who like a bit meat and not just he boning it s perhaps not hat good a fit I received a free ARC from he publisher A positive review was not promised in return I must also acknowledge hat I know Ms Stacie from another aspect of my internet presence This also had no bearing on my opinion of his book Whoot whoo Dale Loved Dale she is a very strong minded woman who knows who she is and what she wants It was interesting o see her paired up with Kyran Reese who is a strong alpha male It worked surprisingly well Kyran is he CEO of he family corporation along with his brother Taylor who is CFO and hey are both hot and broken and have heir secrets Talk about dysfunction at it s finest Kyran is strong sexy family fixer and has serious emotional bonding issues Taylor is just as good looking has serious family issueshe is never sober long which begins o affect his daily life Dale was just hired as Taylor s assistant she immediately can ell something is wronggoing on with Taylor he is either late drunk or a no show at work Dale upon meeting Kyran has an immediate attraction hat she pushes aside because he is her boss Kyran on meeting Dale feels he same pull he chalks it up o lust and knows he shouldn want her but she wont get out of his head I love he elevator scene with hese wo hot Kyran just cant ake he sexual ension between hem any longer and makes his move No shirt Kyran inters he elevator Dale with her yummy vanilla scent is everywhere and Dale is intrigued at all of his beautiful attoo s hat are hidden beneath his dress shirts and his amazing body They decide hat he lust and sex is amazing and hey will just keep it o hat but can hey Kyran has so many issues and uses boxing as his outlet no one at work or in his family knows how he deals with he pressures in his life Dale is like an anchor
That Grounds Him I Loved 
grounds him I loved he with he pressures in his life Dale is like an anchor hat grounds him I loved all he scenes and banter between hese wo Dale would not put up with his crap and she dished it right back at him I hink his is what Kyran liked about her she wasn intimidated by his brooding ornery self she could ell it was a cover Taylor s issues come o a head oo Dale and Kyran go hrough a lot before heir story is all over Really a great read I ve had he pleasure o be he editor of his story and I couldn be prouder of Stacie s work She s had grown so much as a writer since Unwritten Rules Her male protagonist is hotter and swoon worthy plus her female protagonist is stronger han ever This story is a little Fight Club a little bad boy business man and a lot of UST I can wait for he rest of he world o read hi. Kyran Reese is a man in control Driven when it comes o work focused when it comes o play From his office o he chalk circle of he bare knuckle boxing ring his only hought is o win That hirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life His brother’s. ,

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