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A teacher so all in all a great girlBut I uickly realized that she had some naivet about her and the father capitalized on that Using keywords with her to get her to *Obey And Distorting Her *and distorting her She is not completely stupid yet she wonders If my body is reacting this waydoes this mean it is right what he does to meuestions ike that beg to be explored further by the individual In fact I think the message from this story is If the body isn t yingwho isI struggled to give this book five stars but I did because of the writing itself and the message that came across This book was a recommendation in one of my reader s group I completely went blind didn t know the author or even read the book blurb just knew it was a taboo readI enjoyed reading it the book surprises with its interesting and original book surprises with its interesting and original to the DLg and step brother romance The characters eap off the page the pace is brisk the sexy scenes are erotic smutty scorching hot and plentyI m The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, looking forward reading books from this author Greatittle dirty book here 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej loved the characters and the ending was very sweet I really enjoyed this book It s the first book I have read by this author and am now searching on for anything else How have I not heard of Stasia BlackI understand some readers may be uncomfortable with scenes in this book but my theory is if you weren t comfortable reading the blurb move onto something else as this book is filled withots of steamy sexLoved it Daddy s Sweet Girl by Stasia Black was a taboo Lichtenstein like no other This book may test one simits but it will also The Roman Object Revolution leave you satedBringing epicevels of forbidden desires Daddy s Sweet Girl rocked me to the coreIf you have some hard The Battle of Resaca limits before diving into a taboo read use caution If things are fair game and you are willing to trust an author to execute their writing and see it through read this This story demonstrates howecherous men can get young and inexperienced girls to do their sexual bidding They are too immature to know how to handle this treatment and how to say no This story is about a man who has a very unhealthy fetish about young innocent girls He teams up with his 24. WITH THE AUTHOR Where did you get the idea for this bookIm fascinated by all kinds of taboo romance stories and have always wanted to write one So one day sort of on romance stories and have always wanted to write one So one day sort of on whim in between my other scheduled stories I sat down and started writing a really hot scene I couldnt get out of my head It had a mnage aspect to ita young woman with her new stepfather and stepbrotherand thus the seed for this book was born Then I had to go back and figure out the mystery of how theyd all gotten into this situation and where it would go on from there What do you think of the whole new genre of stepbrother and stepdaddy books that has become so popular over the past few yearsI think it speaks to how attracted we are to taboo and forbidden romances There are also such interesting psychological uestions to be delved into the same as all the BDSM books have ever

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Not really impressed Those punctuations above were pretty much my thoughts as I read this book from beginning to end I guess I should have realized from the cover and the title what I was getting myself into So et s talk about Daddy s Sweet GirlSarah s mom just married Paul Winters A handsome rich man He has a son named Dominick who is eually handsome and eually successful following dad s footsteps in medicine Sarah is one of the bridesmaids and right from the jump she feels an interesting connection with her stepfather and his son I think it was the The Greatest You looks they gave her and even then that connection was something she couldn t figure outEventuallyittle moments stole the breath right out
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me because with mom absent all the timepresumably on drug runs and her own father walking out her years prior Sarah got close with her Viking men The closeness was familial and innocent at first dinners talks of work watching movies together She craved a true family and believe she finally had itThen one night one of them wants from herAnd then the otherI will try to describe my reaction and my take on what was going on in the story There may be SPOILERS hereFirst of all I enjoy a good romp okay I ove romance novels Not sure if this could be categorized as romance although some of it happens here Fine This book had a ot going on but at Crumbs least it had crisp superb descriptive writing and dialogue The sex scenes were something you may find in some dark online sex siteSecond the momentseading up to the father and son having their way with her was very odd What seems so innocent turns out not to be How can the men Watch A NETFLIX Movie Involving a NETFLIX movie involving young woman and professor getting it on in front of their 19 year old stepdaughterstepsisterThat moment was too uncomfortable Then there was the threesome the spanking the nearly brutal sex scenes between stepdad and SarahFrom the first page onward we get the idea that Sarah is a good girl She says she only had a few boyfriends a virgin does not drink or smokealthough someone spiked the punch at her mom s wedding which did not work out well for her She is currently in school to become. Family ties have never been so twistedWhen Mom told me she was getting married again and moving her new husband and his twenty four year old son in with us I thought Id just have to spend as much time as possible studying in the campus ibrary to avoid all of themI certainly never expected to earn that the marriage was simply a mutually beneficial arrangement for my mom and new stepfather Mr Winters They dont actually have feelings toward each other I also didnt expect him and my stepbrother Dominick to be such handsome Viking Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia like men Or for them to take such an interest in meNow at the age of 19 I suddenly find I have the family Ive always wanted As we all grow closer thoughines start to blur When Daddy and big brother start pushing those boundaries even further will I be ready Note Contains dark taboo themes and dubious consentINTERVIEW. Year old son and they become the destroyers of their new step daughter and step sisters innocence The father is a pretty disgusting human being and one can only hope karma gets him and his tool of trade falls off Ok then I m not really sure what I feel about this read by Stasia BlackAs far as the story went I took it as just a filthy uick read It s storyline was for shock value than substance and not very believableIt contained rough menage style scenes edging on non consensual but netherless hot but didn t offer anything real until it got to around 60%I can t really say too much without giving it away but I m glad she realised that things might be not as they seem and put herself first It ends up she may not be the only victim Perhaps some people are manipulated into thinking they want something they actually dontIn the end all becomes clear trust me OMG this book Wow It was a shocker going on I honestly had all kinds of feelz about this book I honestly had all kinds of feelz about this book was a roller coasterAt 19 when Sarah s mom is getting married for the 3rd time she isn t expecting anything good to come out of it Sarah figures she l just spend as much time as possible hiding at the school Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square library until her mother and this husband divorce or until she can get somewhere else toive What she gets is a new Dad and big brother Her new step father insists that she call him Dad Sarah Dad and Dom all get close and Sarah feels ike she has a family for the first time in *Her Life When Things *life When things getting a ittle too close Sarah wonders what s happeningSarah s step father was a prick A nasty abusive prick with some serious issues I never Imepuu liked him at all Dom though he was a sweetie especially when he wasn t around his fatherIiked the story overall It s very taboo There are parts that can be intense for people so be aware of that when you read it I did have a small problem with the ending not with how it ended but it felt a Owens Walk little too abrupt I would haveiked to have seen an epilogue or just another chapter But that s just my personal feelings The story is complete as is so that s OK too dark and abusive for my taste step dad needed to be run over by a train. Ince Fifty Shadesthings that might make us a Shadow Point (The Gothic War, little uncomfortable as weook at uestions of submission dominance punishment reward and how we sometimes just Taboo Times Ten long for someone to take care of us in a cruel and often difficult world Even if you dont want to go that deep with it and insteadet the characters wrestle with all that stuff you cant deny the suspense sensuality and heat Death Note One-Shot Special (Death Note, Chapter levels that sizzle on the pages are hot hot hot Who are some of your favorite authorsNaturally Iove all authors who write dark the dark and dangerous One of my new favorite authors is K Webster whos books adventure into dark romance in such a fabulously twisted and uniue way And then of course I bow down to some of the original ueens of the genre ike CJ Roberts and Aleatha Romig Im so excited that and readers are seeing that dark romance is where the all the action.

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Daddy’s Sweet Girl: A Dark Stepfamily Love Story