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Rything including your website reuires Planning And Work That and work work that always eliver return on investment overnightEach of the seven chapters in Digital In A Week covers a ifferent aspect of online marketing Sunday Building the ultimate sales website Monday SEO The backbone of "Any Digital Marketing Strategy "digital marketing strategy Social media marketing madness Wednesday Pay per click PPC simplified and explained Thursday Mobile optimization and getting mobile users Friday Email marketing why you should o it no matter what Saturday Other marketing tricks and tips in the modern world. .

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Digital Marketing In A WeekOnline marketing just got easierThis "book is basic training for every small Business Owner Or Department "is essential basic training for every small Owner Or Department owner or Registers of Illuminated Villages department manager they hope to trekeeper into the marketing woods This book gives you the broad strokes to trainyou in the basics of what you need to know to survive and thrive with marketing in this Ping-pong digital ageIt's not our parents' world any whereirect mail TV commercials and billboards ruled Now we have to adapt to changes and change fast ourselves especially in the area of mobile marketing also covered in this course More than just this of course this book gives you. The low own on all the you will need Social Marketing Search Engine Optimization marketing Search engine optimization advertising on GoogleFacebook so on Creating the perfect website that makes sales And Lots of tips and tricks on everything from Yahoo Answers to press releasesA word for those And Lots of tips and tricks on everything from Yahoo Answers to press releasesA word for those this book isn't for the goal of these tips is that you on't get seduced by the siren call of all the gimmicks out there There is always another 'push button traffic' tool or 'magic bullet' product that will try to get your attention and money If you are looking for a 'get rich uick' book this is not it Eve.

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