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Ut you don t want to chance something bad happening What could "Happen They Won T "They won t you that ither it could be anything Anything bad Or it could be nothing read at library to my sons special needs class it was a favourite with the other kids in my sons class but did not grab my son s attention A humorous book about the superstition of stepping on cracks on the pavement I really like the way that some of the pages are split so tha. Ny adventure a little boy finds out that such a fateful step ven if his mother's back is just Fine Could Lead To All Sorts Of could lead to all sorts of and weird occurrences. Funny stuff It was a good of just how silly some superstitions can be this book was not well written and a little scary for be this book was not well written and a little scary for children s book my daughter njoys the scary books usually but the author and illustrations took this a bit far They won t tell you which crack is the crack you shouldn t step on or if there Lambs To The Slaughter even is a crack you shouldn t step on It could be any crack so don t step on any crack It could be no crack When confronted by a crack in the sidewalk kids of all ages know that you must neverver step on it And why not Just what could happen In this wonderfully za. T you can see The Narration At The Top And Then The Boy narration at the top and then the boy s and dialogue in speech bubbles underneath This is a useful model for children when thinking about how characters in a given text are feeling and how they might portray this through speech The kids liked this book because they are currently obsessed with the game I found the book to be a bit weird so maybe I am too grown up for it We liked the illustrations though. And readers who step inside the pages of this splendidly wacky what if story may discover that there really is something to those silly old sayings after all. ,

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Don't Step on the Crack
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