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I have been waiting some sustained uiet in order to write this review Now I have it and I m feeling crushed by it In no uncertain terms I want to first declare that this is a very ood book a 4 star read for the average memoir enthusiast It is a moving and sincere memoir of reconc After reading a fair number of losing my It is a moving and sincere memoir of reconc After reading a fair number of losing my memoirs I picked up this book with lukewarm expectations I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that subject matter aside Greenhouse s book kept me turning pages well into the night Her narrative begins a tad slowly skipping through her childhood and adolescence with well written scenes of her own indoctrination Some readers will probably complain that she included too many doctrinal explanations while others will wish for I m in the latter camp But I digress These scenes I Am Food gave me a cursory introduction to the basic belief system of Christian Science as well as an explanation for the logic however skewed that Greenhouse and her family will cling to when her mother falls ill Which is where the tension jumps and the reader can waveoodbye to an early bedtime What impressed me most is Greenhouse s ability to portray her family members as dynamic empathetic characters who hold wildly opposite beliefs She tells a heartbreaking tale where are no clear cut villains only ood intentions misunderstandings and a belief system that is infuriating Best of all she never tells readers what to think she lets us see and feel it from her perspective Highly recommended This was a book I could not put down Like Kathryn whose review is before mine I was raised in Christian Science We actually went to Sunday school together but my mother was very like Greenhouse s father Although not a teacher she had attended the classes and went each year to her Association I too wanted to hear about the religion and I did learn a few things but I wanted to hear how my experience matched that of the writer Did we see things the same way Did she have the same fears My mother too died because she tried to treat herself with prayer and a practitioner But unfortunately her lack of medical knowledge led her to a decision that changed everything and was an extreme one even for a Christian Scientist Surgery is best left to the surgeons according to Mary Baker Eddy My mother needed structural surgery but she chose not to have it and when she did finally decide to it was too late The part I find most interesting is how the stress and tension mount in Greenhouse as she tries to follow her parents wishes to not tell anyone while still coming to terms with the feelings she now as a non Scientist has with the depths of her mother s illness As the illness progresses she becomes and frantic and the people who should help her are the people perpetuating the problem From first hand experience I know how difficult it is to be in position of an adult child who has no say. Lucia Ewing had what looked like an all American childhood She lived with her mother father sister and brother in an affluent suburb of Minneapolis Lucia had no doubt she was loved and cared for But when it came to accidents and illnesses Lucia’s parents didn't take their. ,

fathermothergodIllion other teenagers out there who ve rebelled against the religion of their upbringing The title of course hints at some rugged deprogramming regimen maybe harrowing escape from the smothering clutches of some creepy cult But you won t find anything like that between the covers of this book Nope Turns out the author decided to stop oing to Sunday School when she was 15 That was her journey out of Christian Science LOL And someone Mokee Joe Recharged (Mokee Joe, gave her a book contract to write about THAT ROTFLMAO Whatever thisirl s journey it wasn t a journey out of Christian Science Evidently it wasn t a journey out of whining either I was raised a Christian Scientist and am not a practicing Christian Scientist as an adult I was drawn to this book on many levels one of which was to compare notes between the author and myself It all came back to me I learned alot about the religion that I did not know I felt the author was honest and upfront as to what went on during her childhood and early 20s as well as the years following her mother s death My mother also died from cancer seeking medical assistance at the end I have no anymosity towards her or the religion My father was not a Christian Scientist My mother did the only thing she knew how to do and when it wasn t successful for her she turned to the medical community and it was too late This book was very well written and I commend the author for her courage to write it Lucia thank you so much for sharing your families experience with us
horrifyingthis tale of 
tale of family trapped by the spiritual ignorance and theological evil of a long dead witch doctor Mary Baker Eddy showed us the norms of cultic religious a I received a proof copy of fathermothergod through a Goodreads iveaway While Lucia s story is compelling and the book is very well written I struggled with the subtitle Mrs Greenhouse describes in her book a relationship with both her parents and her faith that was contemptuous from seemingly a very young age I would say that this is of a story about re negotiating relationships with her parents than her faith While her relationship with her parents is steadfast but complicated and truthfully whose isn t her connections to the Christian Science faith traditions are wish washy To say that this book educates or informs one of the inner side of a mostly private but hardly cult like denomination is a bit of a stretch I was also annoyed at the the repeated apologies for what is without a doubt her individual perspective of course a doubt her individual perspective of course is Stop apologizing and tell us the storyOverall I really enjoyed the fathermothergod and have already passed the book on to a friend I encourage future readers to expect less of the faith narrative I ot immense fulfillment from the story of a rowing woman who is constantly examining reconsidering and reshaping the loving and dynamic relationship with her family and think many others will as well. Wed In 1985 when Lucia and her siblings discovered that their mother was sick they came face to face with the reality that they had few if any options to save her Lucia pulls back the curtain on the Christian Science faith and chronicles its complicated legacy for her family.

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And who understanding Christian Science better that people not raised around it agree to let her wishes take precedent over your own And if and when SHE CHANGES HER MIND YOU SUPPORT changes her mind you support tooThis book is extremely well written with rising tension that matches that of a ood novel while showing the kind of honesty and truth needed for a The Search For Maggie Hare good memoir It is a veryood read I really enjoyed this book s perspective Unlike Jon Krakauer s book Under the Banner of Heaven this book was written with The Insight Of Somebody insight of somebody under a Christian Science roofPart 1 the basic principles of CS and their culturePart 2 mom No, No, Charlie Rascal gets sick and the family tries to cope with her illness via CS which amounts to only prayer and no acknowledging her illnessPart 3 fifteen years later the author s life after CS and her dilemma about whether to publish her story or notI liked reading about this religion and though I don t necessarily understand it completely at least I ve now been exposed to its inner workings I recommend There s much that s deeply pathetic about this book and one s heart inevitablyoes out to dysfunctional families in the face of death But the self centered and Little Violets Family Perversions guilt ridden efforts of the chain smoking author to misrepresent Christian Science and its practice are at best dishonest and at worst patent muckraking for the purpose of making money andlorifying her own ego The choices made by her parents were theirs to make although they ignored the CS practice of leaving surgery to the skillful fingers of a surgeon utilizing pain killers and seeking medical means if healing is not developing The author seems to have no knowledge of these options open to Christian Scientists I always believed that every person was entitled to their own beliefs This book challenged this belief and ultimately forced me to alter it I now believe that each person is entitled to their own beliefs provided that those beliefs do not harm anyone else Had I lived this author s life I don t know if I could have survived it I have nothing but respect for how difficult and painful it must have been to write this memoir I have deep admiration for the author s strength and courage I read this powerful thought provoking book in a single day simply #because I could not put it down Parts of the book made me so angry that I had to take a # I could not put it down Parts of the book made me so angry that I had to take a and process my thoughts Other parts made me cry for the pain this family experienced Still others made me laugh out loud It is a rare book that can do all of those things and for تهران پایتخت دویست ساله-مجموعه مقالات good or ill that kind of book is ALWAYS worth readingI received a free copy of this book throughoodreads firstreads Lemme Fap for the Mothman get this straight The author went to a Christian Science Sunday School when she was a kid then in junior high or something decided it was a load of crap then refused to have anything to do with it I m sorry but how does this differ from the experience of eleventy Kids to the doctor's office they prayed and called a Christian Science practitioner    fathermothergod is Lucia Greenhouse's story aboutrowing up in Christian Science in a house where you could not be sick because you were perfect; where no medicine even aspirin was allo. .