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How to Lead in a World of DistractionS in a Good Reads iveaway Many *Thanks To The Publisher For Providing Me * to the publisher for providing me an opportunity to read and review this bookThe older I et the interested I am in leadership I ve learned that just because someone is in a leadership position it doesn t mean they can lead I ve seen highly productive employees who lack leadership skills and ability be put into leadership positions with disastrous results for all the team members Charisma is not leadership Brilliance is not leadership Passion is not leadership While I think the author of this book addresses important topics I didn t care for his casual folksy writing style Perhaps it s because he s a minister and he s using his pulpit style of speech in which to write If you re someone who responds well to a casualfolksy way of writing with pop cultural and Biblical references mixed in this may appeal to you I will continue looking for leadership books that speak to me as much as Stephen Covey did in the 1980s and Brene Brown does now Yes I am aware of Simon Sinek He s on my to read list Clay s book How to Lead in a World of Distraction has A Modern Approach To modern approach to distractions that plague our leadership Clay s own voice comes through loud and clear sharing his passion to see current day leaders pay closer attention to what they allow to consume their time The wisdom from Clay s thoughts are often only lessons learned by experience and this book offers insights for leaders to adopt earlier in their rowth His four main habits of simplicity speaking to yourself etting uiet and pressing pause are overlooked by todays leaders as they allow their leadership to be attacked by the distraction s leaders are not attending to Yes as leaders we must be emotionally healthy enough to turn down the noise low enough and long enough to allow space for curiosity Dr Troy Robertson Leadership Coach When I received my book I was expecting it to be ood Once I started reading it it was completely different than what I expected but it was #truly brilliant This book was intriguing informative and captured my attention and held onto it continuously through the book There #brilliant This book was intriguing informative and captured my attention and held onto it continuously through the book There Giving the Body Its Due great points in this book that I never thought of and some that I have I think this areat book for someone leading major business or someone just leading themselves Great read Awesome job Clay. Nd your emotions which ultimately leads to emotional healing and transformed leadership And it all starts hereHow to Lead in a World of DistractionTeaches leaders four simple habits that create space for emotional evaluation and exploration Empowers leaders to replace the emotional chaos in their increasingly busy days with an emotional awareness that will lead to a calmer fulfilling lifeEncourages leaders to fully embrace tangible steps each day until emotional distractions the numbing nature of entertainment and social media and the urgency of the daily Hilla Rebay grind are permanently replaced by calm effective andratifying leadership. L health and be a better leader The author offers lots of do s and don t based on his on his own personal experience A favorite uote The real danger of living in a world of constant distractions is not the distractions themselves It is the things we use to block them out because our attempts to mask and hide can keep us from knowing who we really are I was #fortunate enough to et an advanced copy of the book It will be released on September 24 The author is #enough to et an advanced copy of the book It will be *released on September 24 The author is some freebies for people * on September 24 The author is some freebies for people pre order it Details available HowToLeadOnlinecom This is a tremendous book which I highly recommend every leader and maybe even every person to read This book ives incredible advice on you and me can create a better you and me including focusing on our emotions simplifying life and focusing on the whylong term success is critical even if it means failure in the short run Some uotesA life of distraction is a shallow life a life lived without self awareness It s a life lived in constant anticipation of the next thing that will keep you from slowing down to listen to what s happening withinThe answer is to turn down the noise You cannot be emotionally oblivious and emotional healthy at the same time Emotional health begins with becoming emotionally aware and this reuires listening to what s happening on the insideThe reatest danger of being controlled by negative emotions is that you re missing out on allowing God who incidentally created all emotions to have control This was not my favorite book Clay Scroggins seems to be unaware that different personalities exist besides his own He doesn t seem to realize that introverts exist and many of his illustrations are The Wild Side geared to sports fans and no one else His advice is similar to the things so many deeper people have said It didn t feel like he referenced or uoted nearly enough because none of his ideas are original He at times felt extremely tone deaf to conversations The only reason that I miving this book 2 stars instead of 1 is that it can help provide language for people who are unfamiliar with introspection and I can see how the book could help extroverts This book has some solid points about minimizing distractions but Wasn T What I Was Expecting Regarding Leadership This Book t what I was expecting regarding leadership This book on leading yourself so you can be a better lead I won thi. Y Scroggins teaches leaders four simple habits that create space for emotional evaluation and exploration These helpful practices will empower leaders to replace the chaos of their busy days with emotional competence and awareness that leads to a calmer fulfilling life You'll learn how to incorporate four noise cancelling habits into your daily life finding simplicity speaking to yourself getting uiet and pressing pause that will make you mindful and aware of the vital inner desires that need your attention Transforming the toxic cocktail of emotional distraction starts with emotional awareness being able to identify and understa. I won this book in a False Start giveaway which was amazing thank you to the publisher It s funny because sometimes I put books like this on my list and neveret around to it find different books but I m Tombland glad that I was sent this one and it This is a REALLY solid book Clay leads from his own personal experiences and it makes for a very easy read The strongest part of the book is his insights into how distracted we can be and the fallout it can cause His personal stories make him seem really down to earth The weakest part was the application at the end The steps are simple and maybe that s the idea but it also left me feeling a little uninspired maybe this will prove to be false after I put some of these ideas into practice I think this book is areat place to #START IF YOU WANT TO BE A LESS DISTRACTED #if you want to be a less distracted or human in His Plaything general Iave the book 35 because I recently read Deep Work and Digitally Minimal by Cal Newport which were very systematic approaches to the same subject That s not *to say Clay s book isn t worth your time by any means Just different approaches I really was not sure * say Clay s book isn t worth your time by any means Just different approaches I really was not sure this book as I started but WOW it rocked my boat SO many Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully great testimonies that were real and raw I loved the focus of the book and the language that it was written in Life is filled with so many distractions and that is why we need a book life that which brings us in the right direction and brings light to areas of our life that often is very dark WOW this book wasood and can strongly recommend this book to anyone that wants to redirect back to the calling that they were created to fulfil AMAZING book that I must read again soon In How to Lead in a World of Distraction the author and lead pastor of Buckhead Church Clay Scroggins provides insights and inspiration on how to maximize your influence by turning down the noise This is a follow up to his bestseller How to Lead When You are Not in Charge This book is intended to be a uide on being aware of and then turning down the distractions in your life It is about managing yourself because you are the only One Can Identify The Distractions can identify the distractions your life and whate they are costing you and then do something about them The book offers practical noise cancelling habits that can be incorporated into your daily life and by doing so you will improve your own emotiona. This book is such a valuable resource not just for leaders but for anyone longing to make a difference in the world DAVE RAMSEYClay helps you move beyond the distractions to a moment by moment awareness that will help you regulate the way you think act and feel IAN MORGAN CRONIn this book Clay provides leaders with practical ways to turn down the noise personally and organizationally ANDY STANLEYMaximize your influence by turning down the noiseWhile many leaders have learned to tune out distractions that keep them from being productive they remain deaf to their inner desires and emotions In How to Lead in a World of Distraction Cla. .

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