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Troubles Child eO own this book is another greater step and help to myself to becoming an artist Amazing book that s been insanely helpful to me Helpfull This is a beautiful book I was a tiny bit familiar with Sophie chan s art and I m glad she has given us a good resource Everything is detailed andasy to understand but for some reason it looked so different when I tried to draw it Shackletons Journey even following the instructions perfectly I have somexperience in art and Was Hoping To Work hoping to work character design and it just didn t work for me still glad I got it because it is a beautiful book. Them in Scenes Plus Learn The Secrets Plus learn the secrets drawing accurate hands and feet including shoesColor Learn to color your manga with colored pencil markers and digital drawing programs to reflect setting genre time of day and personality traitsBonus pages

Show Variations On Facial Expressions 
variations on facial Clue by Clue expressions posesxtra outfits and how to use ach in your story plus special drawing demos including an angel vampire witch a magical cat and Chans own charactersIncludes publishing tips words of advice and insider secret. ,

The best tutorial book I ve read On How To Manga I Absolutely how to draw manga I absolutely Very helpful book Love the book I absolutely recommend it Very helpful book Love the book actually work for me to develop my drawings Thank you so much Lovely art style though for a begginer it may be hard to get lost on the details Buy otherwise very good The most helpful part of it was the coloring section Though I would ve preferred if she used Paint Tool Sai instead which is affordable than Manga Studio in my opinion As an Advanced and self taught artist for over a decade also a mangaka I bought this book for a great reason I admir. Create your own manga charactersThe manga universe is diverse full of cute chibis soulful romantics cunning villains and sassy schoolgirls Whether you want to tell love stories create fantasy worlds or xplore the drama of Ngôi nhà xưa everyday life you can do it with the help of self taught manga artist and YouTube celebrity Sophie Chan Youll learn to draw personality filled characters and create uniue manga stories from start to finishven if youve never drawn manga beforeInside Manga Workshop30 start to fini.

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E all her content she does her passion and determination with her career as I njoyed reading this book I will highly recommend this book for beginnersIntermediates Great book well laid out Sophie chan has this way of colouring and making the characters feel soft and romantic I love this Book And Will Certainly Use and will certainly use as a reference many times in the future Got this as a gift and she was a very very satisfied little young lady It was coincidentally the one she wanted Jackpot Grateful to have seen this book many times on different sites on the internet and now Sh demonstrations teach you to draw women men and children of all ages perspectives and personality types including classic manga schoolgirls the boy next door businesswomen rock stars and gothic vampiresThe Face Using simple shapes draw different yes noses and mouths to create Adam and the Ants endlessxpressions from blushing surprise and happiness to full blown tears Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors even cool hairstylesThe Figure Followasy guidelines to create proportionate characters chibis and children high schoolers and warriors and place.
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 Manga Workshop Characters: How to Draw and Color Faces and Figures