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Information System should provide you with the greatest leverage for the least amount of work so you can spend time doing what you’re passionate about3 Costs as little as possible It’s asy to spend hundreds or Lives of Notorious Cooks even thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that usually provide little than fluff How many television commercials have you watched that left you scratching your head and afterward you can’tven remember what the advertisement was for4 Attracts uality traffic that spends money Your marketing system should be targeted You don’t need to attract veryone just those people that are interested in you and will buy your books 5 Not dependent on the flavor of the week Right "Now Everyone Is Telling You "everyone is telling you awesome Facebook and Twitter are and how you have to use them if you want to attract customers Your marketing system should be timeless It can and certainly should take advantage of the latest technology but it should not be dependent on them 6 Does not reuire super sales or copywriting ability You already know how to write and what you know should be good nough Your marketing system should not reuire you to become a master copywriter or learn sales techniues A Great Market. great market. Very useful. Chances are you’re not reading this because you want to learn how to BECOME A GREAT MARKETER YOU’RE READING a great marketer You’re reading because you want what marketing can bring money recognition and helping others Great marketing will help you sell books It will nable people to find and learn about you which will sell books And it will provide A WAY FOR YOU TO EITHER ENTERTAIN OR SHARE way for you to ither ntertain or share information depending on how you want to help people and this will also sell books You probably don’t want to become a marketer at all and you would probably skip marketing altogether if you could still get verything you wantedBut marketing is the best way to T-Force easily get those three things you want money recognition and helping others You don’t have to learnverything there is to know about marketing but you do have to learn nough to give you what you want What you need is a marketing system that has the following seven criteria that any great marketing system should have1 Easy to learn and maintain You have limited time and you have plenty of other things you’d rather be doing 2 Big results for little time The Pareto Principle says that "80% Of The Results Come "of the results come 20% of the work Your marketing. Learly writte. Ing system does the selling for you7 Not dependent on someone lse’s platform You want to have complete control over your marketing If you rely on someone CFNM Model else’s platform such asBay Google Adwords Twitter or Facebook you marketing If you rely on someone Strange Weather else’s platform such asBay Google Adwords Twitter or Facebook you one day find the rug pulled out from under you and your business would be gone in an instant It’s okay to make use of these platforms just don’t "build your business or marketing system on themThe Real Marketing System for Authors fulfills all seven of these criteria Chapter "your business or marketing system on themThe Real Marketing System for Authors fulfills all seven of these criteria Chapter tells you what this marketing system is and what it consists of and will show you Its Only a Game exactly how it fulfillsach of these seven criteria The best thing about The Real Marketing System for Authors is that it generates sales and income by developing influence and trust through relationships built by The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert engaging with people over time You do not have to do any selling the system does it for youAdditionally this book will open your mind to the possibilities thatxist for you if you market your book online In addition to marketing you learn how to create multiple collateral products and many streams of income ach a mini business that adds to your mini mpire of information produc.

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Online Marketing for Authors