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Paying with Their Bodies

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Kinder does a thorough job of explaining the societal eaction to and changes because of post war disabled veterans And of course the things that didn of post war disabled veterans And of course the things that didn change Most notably the eader will learn the true meaning of the phrase basket case and never be able to use that phrase again I m a Marine Corps veteran 0311 grunt I have a BS in use that phrase again I m a Marine Corps veteran 0311 grunt I have a BS in with a minor sociology I eally enjoyed the attention to detail on war injury and veterans economic and social issues Thank you No doubt about it this is an academic book well Christian Bagge an Ira War veteran lost both his legs in a oadside bomb attack on his Humvee in 2006 Months after the accident outfitted with sleek new prosthetic legs he jogged alongside President Bush for a photo op at the White House The photograph served many functions one of them being to evive faith in an american being to evive faith in an American ideal that war could be fought without permanent casualties and that innovative technology could easily epair war’s damage When Bagge was awarded his Purple Heart however military officials asked him to wear pants to the ceremony saying that photos of the event should be “soft on the eyes” Defiant Ba. ,
Ritten and well กลิ่นกาสะลอง researched but not necessarily geared toward a broadereading audience That S A Shame s a shame it treats a very important and timely topic in an intelligent nuanced fashion Kinder traces the changing attitudes towards war inflicted disability both in the unharmed public but also in the wounded population itself One of the most interesting aspects Kinder touches on is the apparent American belief in the infinite power of technology to alleviate human suffering it is fascinating to see how each generation. Gge wore shorts America has grappled with the uestions posed by injured veterans since its founding and with particular force since the early twentieth century What are the nation’s obligations to those who fight in its name And when does war’s legacy of disability outweigh the nation’s interests at home and abroad In Paying with Their Bodies John M Kinder traces the complicated intertwined histories of war and disability in modern America Focusing in particular on the decades surrounding World War I he argues that disabled veterans have long at the center of competing visions of American war one that center of two competing visions of American war one that the
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WWI WWII Vietnam and now the IraAfghanistan conflict defines both injury and another for me both injury and epair Another for me least aspect was the veterans utter unwillingness to be classified with the congenitally or accidentally disabled Nevertheless it was partly their fight to Outback Survival receiveecognition and benefits that led to the Americans with Disabilities act War weaves a tangled web and Kinder makes a very good argument for evaluating its success in terms of human cost a figure that cannot be tallied until the conflict is long ove. Elative safety of US military intervention overseas; the other indelibly associating American war with injury mutilation and suffering Kinder brings disabled veterans to the center of the American war story and shows that when we do so the history of American war over the last century begins to look very different War can no longer be seen as a discrete experience easily left behind; ather its human legacies are felt for decades The First Book To Examine The History Of American Warfare Through book to examine the history of American warfare through lens of its troubled legacy of injury and disability Paying with Their Bodies will force us to think anew about war and its painful cost. ,