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This book made me love Bishop Jakes I read THIS BOOK AT A POINT OF CHANGE IN MY Book At A Point Of Change In My And at a point of change in my life and spoke to me The characters that the bishop put in the book made me rethink a lot of what I was doing in my life This is a must read for those that need to look inside for change I thought this book was truly inspiring Jakes does an execellent job of motivating people to reposition themself and achieve their oals Although he does use scriptures as the basis for the points made in this book he illustrates his points through the use of vivid imagery and practical examples without condemnation being condescending or coming across as preachy I would reccommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their life This book is full os so many useful and practical tips that even if every section doesn t fit your specific need you can still ain insight from Jakes practical and down to earth approach This book came into my life when my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer This was the first time I had ever read a book by this man and I highl. TD Jakes offers readers of the New York Times bestseller Reposition Yourself Living Life Without Limits A Collection Of Scripture collection of scripture uotes that provides the spiritual underpinnings of his message about applying Christian principles to adjust to the many changes. Reposition Yourself Living Life Without Limitsword to share and no matter where he is coming from I can always find value in his message and it to my life His take no prisoners form of delivery hits me right where I need it most in the world of practicality Not only do I look to his daily messages for inspiration I m positive that his impact on the world at large connects with our hearts our minds and our souls in a way that very few can reach in a way that sets us in motion towards the change we really want to see in the world I love all of his work but this one is especially meaningful to me at this stage in my life This looks ood Inspirational I would really ive this book a 35 stars A ood book overall but I read so many books about self improvement that That life brings Reposition Yourself the narrative book uses wisdom collected from than thirty years of Jakes's experience counseling and working withhigh profile and everyday people on financial relational and spiritual creativity on the path to an enriched life. ,