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Les grands vaincus de l'histoire lHe fact he reallyonged for a good hard sully The writing here made me smile turns of phrases that caught my attention I had parts that I read over because they were ridiculously silly Rhyan is embarrassed as he is ounging in a water bowl as a salamander and #dunks down so silly this is an endearing #down so silly This is an endearing story with adorable characters and I oved the ending I Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing loved the author s writing style and I need to find something else by her to see if Iike it as much Very recommended Cute funny ittle story OK I got sucked in by the Salamander thing I really shouldn t of expected much It started out sweet and cute and I had hope but then turned into a sex fest The ending was predictable An ok read but not worth the price This is a short fun story THAT MADE ME SMILE FROM THE FIRST MOMENT made me smile from the first moment It t every that you encounter a were salamander or actually a salamander shifter since as Rhyan says The moon has nothing to do with it And when that salamander shifter gets himself into a mess then figures he needs to run only to find out he s been invited to a date you can be sure what happens is not going to be scary Instead this is a short story filled with humor fun observations and a shifter who can speak in his shifted form Definitely to be read with your sense of humor fully deployedRyhan is a florist and I oved the explanation of why that was the ideal job for him He turns into a salamander at the most inopportune moments and since he was the only one in his family and rejected by his parents because of it he is pretty Ecommerce Society lonely His first instinct when the man he crushes on discovers his secret is to run Not that I can blame him a salamander even a talking one is pretty small and defenselessMike is a fellow shop owner and even though he ends up almost being strangled by the makeshift anti burglar device Rhyan has installed his interest in Rhyan is clear He is pretty tolerant and seems very interested in how things work for Rhyan He turns out to be a veryoving man and just what Rhyan needs in than one respect If you ike stories that make you augh if you enjoy humor in your romances and if you re interested in reading about non standard shifters you will probably ike this short book Certainly different and kinda fun. D in the midst of the town’s autumn moose festival will Mike find a way to share his own true natur. ,

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Plus I t read many salamander shifters The story confuses me slightly in the beginning because it seems to jump into a middle of a scene However once I get the hang of it I find it highly amusing rhyan the salamander is just adooooorable i Rhyan the salamander is just adooooorable I glad he finally gets a good hard sully olThe ending twist is smart it will be nice I glad he finally gets a good hard sully olThe ending twist is smart it will be nice there s another story from Mike s perspective this time Such a jolly perfect read for in between novels This review can be found at The Armchair ReaderRhyan Hall inherited his floral shop from his aunt in a Queenie little town in New Hampshire that pretty much worships moose Mike Chen is the ceramicist across the street from his shop who Rhyan s been crushing on since he first saw Mike One day Mike catches Rhyan off guard and sees Rhyan shift into his salamander form Mike is a bit freaked out over Rhyan but then he starts to understand It s Rhyan s dream come true when Mike unknowingly to Rhyan asks him on a date They have a great time their connection is great and Mike is very accommodating of Rhyan s uniue nature But while Rhyan thinks things are going well he hasn t realized that Mike has a secret of his own to tellThis was a very entertaining story It opens up in the middle of a scene so it took some time getting used to it but once I got into the flow of the story I was hooked Ioved Rhyan s voice He s a Stolen Hearts little salamander in the beginning and his actions as well as the fact he can talk while shifted were adorable Stamped a sticky foot on the tiles or hanging onto the rim of the dish He paddled his back feet nervously in the water Theseittle descriptions made the story into something very cute because his mannerisms while shifted sounded funny but fitted with his attitude I adored Rhyan especially as a salamander He s only a few inches 101 Ways To Get More Customers From The Internet (Online Marketing Guides from Exposure Ninja Book 3) long but yet he s got such a big personality in both formsMike was interesting in the way he handled finding out about Rhyan The beginning of the story is hilarious because Mike is caught up in Rhyan s homemade security system while Rhyan can t do anything to help since he s so tiny Mike gets snippy and Rhyan gets huffy and they are just both so cute They ve known each other for a while so on their da. In the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains florist Rhyan Hall accidentally outs himself as a Te they don t spend aot of time talking Things get physical uite fastAll in all I really iked this story It s cute funny and deals with uniue shifters I iked THE FLOW OF THE STORY EVEN flow of the story even it was too short Rhyan and Mike are great characters with Amazon Affiliate -The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Amazon likeable personalities However it ends right when things are getting good and Mike reveals himself to Rhyan I waseft stunned because the story just cut off I was a bit miffed with that because I eagerly want to know how Rhyan takes Mike being a huge moose I m hoping there *s to come of these two because I don t believe their story *to come of these two because I don t believe their story finished Still recommended for those Online Marketing for Authors looking for something short and uirky thatl Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for Adwords Certification leave a smile on your face The plot is ok And Iike the cliffhanging ending The opening scene is rather funny in a good way but also sweet somehow However I m kind of distracted by some complicated sentences esp in the beginning which describes about the town While complicated sentence shows the author s grammar expertise it confuses some readers But I still ove the story 375It s hard to be a salamander shifter especially in a town dedicated to moose It s a fun and easy read a talking salamander florist trying to explain to his sexy pottery making neighbor why he just went from man to reptile But to his sexy pottery making neighbor why he just went from man to reptile But east he gets unsullied LOLThis would be a cute series about all the towns going ons since I have a feeling Rhyan and Mike might not be the exceptions in this town Were salamander LoveRhyan trying to explain to his crush Mike about why he turns into a salamander while he s in his salamander form is too cute for words Awesome ittle story Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews45 rounded up If nothing else stands out about this book the idea of the talking salamander made me augh In a town dedicated to moose a salamander shifter must Magento Search Engine Optimization live in fear of being stepped on Luckily for me the whole of this short story wasikeable adorable and funny Rhyan is a florist which makes it easier for him to stay wet which is what he needs to do so he doesn t turn all green and tiny He bemoans the difficulty in getting boys to be interested in you when you are constantly having to spritz yourself with water and need to carry a damp hand towel everywhere He s unsullied despite Alamander shifter to his crush hunky ceramicist Mike Chen But can Rhyan trust Mike with his secret An. ,

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Salamander Moon

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