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Thor shares techniues that helped her go through the difficult phases and reach a place of healing and peace I highly recommend this book as it can offer it s readers strength and optimism t Say it Out Loud is a book that resonates the true meaning of healing To have endured such and to have emerged whole speaks trauma and TO HAVE EMERGED SPEAKS AUDIENCES EVERYWHERE THIS BOOK have emerged whole speaks audiences everywhere This book only helps victims it is beneficial to teachers parents families and everyone to understand the victim s perspective and give them the knowledge that they too can heal What Roberta lived through and put forth in this book gives hope to all that they can not only survive but thrive This message needs to get out there and Roberta Dolan has done so with determination and grace There are people from all walks of life who need to hear this message and know that they can heal and move forward one step at a time I m a therapist for sexually abused women and this book can be very helpful to patients going through the therapy process and what to expect Def recommend for patients Say It Out Loud is an incredible and very personal journey that Roberta Dolan shares with us Throughout the book I was so impressed with her courage to survive and thrive her dedication to the work reuired to heal and her willingness to share with others so they may also heal She s an amazing lady Say It Out Loud is very well written and contains journal entries that document her thoughts and processes along the way It is a must read not only for survivors and anyone who cares deeply for a survivor but really anyone who enjoys an uplifting and inspirational true story of survival and triumph Loved it I know the author so reading the specifics about her pain was difficult et I admire and appreciate her trust and courage Despite the baggage I brought to the pages as a reader this is a book about healing and how to heal from what appears to be insurmountable pain She offers her suggestions and shares what easily implemented techniues work for he. Er own ears in therapy for a childhood of sexual abuse Inspiring and accessible Say It Out Loud offers guidance and support for any kind of healing journey euipping readers with the skills and courage to transform a life of darkness into one of joy.

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Team in to help With Such Important Tending And such important tending and are some who might uestion the reality of having such ready support for this essential part of healing In a way this book is that team Dolan benefiting from the love of those that helped her doesn t abandon her goal for one minute in providing that same support and encouragement for others I am not a therapist but I work with a population in which sometimes childhood sexual abuse is an issue I ve seen people try to deal with the waves of pain emotion and fear that go along with such an insidious burden often times to no avail I will most assuredly recommend this book to those who are struggling with their own journey or their loved ones Every once in awhile out of great pain a voice emerges to help others along the way Roberta Dolan is such a voice This is an incredibly brave and inspiring book Although it is specifically written to address her recovery from being sexually abused as a child the strategies she lays out are helpful and applicable to anyone healing from severe trauma and for those who love someone who is on this journey My trauma came in adulthood and was very different but at a certain level I could feel her pain and understood first hand how many of the methods she describes for coping are absolutely essential for healing one s soul Dolan not only describes techniues she used but offers practical suggestions for the reader to use and adapt these same methods as part of his or her own recovery I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to thrive after experiencing severe trauma as well as to professionals who work with these victims This is one of the most real and effective self help books I have ever read Say It Out Loud Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse offers hope to it s readers It is well organized and offers concrete strategies such as journaling and visualization to use for coping with trauma and overcoming it While sharing some very real and personal situations the au. O exposes the emotional scars of sexual abuse and explains the process of healing In straightforward prose step by step Roberta Dolan provides readers with tangible healing strategies including journaling visualization and that she employed during ,

This is a sensitive and insightful memoir of healing from abuse The author is very blessed to have such a loving caring and supportive husband It is a big gift to have support from trusted loved ones who are committed to our healing The content is both realistic and hopeful I am grateful the author chose to be vulnerable in sharing her experiences This book is a valuable contribution to the conversation of sexual abuseI highly recommended it to anyone healing from abuse of any kind Roberta Dolan has written about a abuse of any kind Roberta Dolan has written about a that is too often buried under layers of shame childhood sexual abuse She knows her subject matter well because she was victimized when just
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child Say Out Loud Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse chronicles Dolan s journey of recovery and with her we travel As she struggles to understand we face our own hidden pain and our secretsThis is a courageous book a timely book The silence must end and when we read this book we understand why Definitely not a light read but so good for those who need it I would recommend it be read during or after professional counselling It s hard and often unsa As I glanced at some of the other reviews I couldn t help but think that there is little I could add to the commendations for Dolan s bravery and honesty in sharing her story If childhood sexual abuse is not something one has experienced I suspect there is very little for someone outside the experience to relate to On the other hand as I read the book I realized that Dolan is a skilled writer and wrote with such raw honesty that as a reader I was moved by her story and can see many reasons to share it First of ALL MUCH OF HER BOOK INCLUDES STRATEGIES AND SKILLS much of her book includes strategies and skills face and work through this inconceivable notion a parent abusing their own child Dolan describes her journey in such a way as to make it possible to transfer these strategies for other victim s similar experiences Particularly self care It s true that Dolan had an incredible support. Breaking the silence about sexual abuse is vital but it s only the first step What happens next For most survivors the wounds left by such abuse are often left to fester slowly destroying their lives Say It Out Loud a uniue blend of memoir and how .
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