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R chases with mysterious assassins etc This time it feels way too close to be satisfying there isn t enough novelty to be fun As much as I like reading about the Jedi it was very refreshing to have the focus of someone else for a change In this case one of the blue senate guards named Sagoro Autem Here we learn about his work life his family life and his disdain for the Jedi I also appreciated seeing the underground sport of Pit Racing first seen in the beginning of Greg Bear s Rogue Planet that saw a oung padawan Anakin Greg Bear s Rogue Planet that saw a oung padawan Anakin face off against a blood carverAs with many cop stories the family did have the usual tropes of neglected wife and out of control children with nothing we haven t seen many times before The mystery of the whodunnit was revealed pretty early on leaving the reader to simply watch the guard discover the truth for himselfThe artwork was perfectly serviceable "The Likenesses Weren T All That Close But Was At "likenesses weren t all that close but was at consistent and I could still tell who was whoThis volume concludes with a follow up story Loyalties that follows Sagoro as an officer in the newly formed Empire As the next round of purges takes place he finds himself on the run from Darth Vader This was a fairly standard hunted story with a twist that was pretty obvious Nevertheless it was a fitting conclusion to Sagoro s story The artwork is noticeably different here less cartoony than the main story and did the story justice My biggest thought here is Why can t Americans spell honour properly It ruins the entire text for me so I m gonna have to go with 3 stars Also the s John Ostrander is a great comic writer In Honor and Duty he keeps up with his uality story telling Honor and Duty is actually 2 stories the first is Honor and Duty and the second is Loyalties Both are told from the stand point of Saguro Autem A Sentaorial Guard who witnesses first hand the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire In the first story approximately 3 ears before the events of the Republic and the rise of the Empire In the first story approximately 3 ears before the events Revenge of the Sith Autem and his partner are tasked with solving the killing of a Senator In the investigation he is assisted by Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywaylker The story is far about Autem himself though He is a fanatically devoted Guardsman who idealizes the work he does as a Senatorial Guard Over the course of the story it ends up costing him his family and in the end when he discovers the corruption underlying the Senate it costs him his job The second story Loyalties takes place three weeks after the events of ROTS and now Autem is a Captain in the Imperial Navy The Republic has fallen and the Empire is taking full control He has a chance to meet with Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader during a motivational speech to the former Republic Navy now Imperial Navy Captains It is a short story showing the purge of all disloyal Imperial Captains of whom Seguro is earmarked as one The story shows the death of any remaining loyalty to the system he served If that was a deliberately vague review of courseif ou want to know what happened read the comicBoth stories are well told and show the changes that occur to loyal Republic officers as the Empire comes to power It is an interesting twist to see the events not through the eyes of Jedi or Sith but through an ordinary Officer The art in the first story is just ok but improves significantly in the second one I enjoyed this tale and if Collected Stories you are a Star Wars fan I thinkou will too. Be able to face until the Clone Wars have come and gone and he finds himself on the run from the new Emperor's enforcer Darth Vader• Collecting issues 46 48 and 78 of Star Wars Republic• This story reveals the ending to a story Star Wars fans have been waiting for ears to resol. ,

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L truths about his family and the system to which he has pledged his lifeIt s a story told in every civil war the story of a family set against itself two brothers divided by competing loyalties and brought into direct conflict by the implacable forces of war Fortunately John Ostrander is on hand to tell the tale He is without uestion the most talented writer to work long term on "any Star Wars comic and this particular volume shows why He does as good a job as possible with the "Star Wars comic and this particular volume shows why He does as good a job as possible with the in a series in which not many authors get into the details about exactly what kinds of corruption cause so many to believe the only recourse is secession Where Ostrander excels is in building his characters creating people the reader cares about The final scene of the initial 3 part story ends with the shedding of a tear and while I wasn t in need of a tissue when I closed the book there was the making in my throat of a tiny lumpThe fourth and last installment of the story takes place several ears later 2 weeks after the events in EP III when Sagoro Autem now an Imperial Captian for Imperial Navy now at the service of of the Newly appointed Emperor Palpatine and the Dark Lord Vader following events Whereas the previous story arc was about things falling apart this one is about paying old debts and putting things back togetherYou don t need to have read all of Dark Horse s Star Wars series to enjoy this book although ou might be interested to know Autem makes appearances in Clone Wars Volumes 2 and 8 Honor and Duty stands well on its own and is perhaps uniue in the Star Wars Extended Universe in presenting a story about an average citizen of Coruscant rather than smugglers bounty hunters clones or super powered Jedi and SithOverall this is a fine example of Dark Horse s Star Wars publishing a awesome addition to the EU and one that I would certainly recommend This one s a little interesting It s a murder mystery set sometime between Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones with an assassinated senator and some shady political dealings going on Very noir detective complete with being torn between family and country and with losing one s wife and children to boot Well that s the first half The second half takes the main character Senate Guard Saguro Autem and forces him to choose between his loyalty and his life First of all it s a neat look at Coruscant the city one we don t much get in the series It s also a neat look at the way the Senate functioned or didn t before its fall and the rise of the Empire Almost makes ou sympathize with Palps That said I didn t like the main character at all and I wasn t much invested in the plot It s a good story but I feel like the characters could ve been sympathetic This series has a lot of new characters and they re fairly effectively introduced but the overall plot is a bit blah As always it would have been nice to see just a little bit of the politics here ou get the impression that the failure of this vote resulted in the war pretty proximally but that conclusion could be salient I guess that s a tough line to walk because ou want it to feel mysterious The trash hopping is a nice new high risk sport but the Senate Guards are kind of a snoozer for me This is another one of those hey Tokyo Encounter you saw this in the movie but here it is again ifou want deals Anakin and Obi wan have to defend a Senator from political assassination before a big vote there s speede. Er Padawan protect a senator from assassination attempts Joining the Jedi in their mission is Autem loyal Senate Guard Yet as Obi Wan and Anakin fend off a league of master assassins Autem discovers a link between the killers that will change his own life forever a secret he will not. Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries The first of the two stories was interesting but the second was predictable rushed and just poorly written in my opinionOn top of that there were several spellingtypographical errors that weren t caught by the editors something that is uite annoying to me This story of a Senate Guard who gets thrust into bigger events than he knows is interesting it s a police procedural with some Jedi thrown in but it also focuses on uestions of honor and duty are the guards honor bound to serve a corrupt institution Are the assassins working for the destabilization actually doing the right thing How much should family matter The answers it gives are sometimes surprising In between all that though is a fairly action oriented story including a couple scenes with Anakin and Obi Wan though they aren t the focus There s also an epilogue story that takes the characters in a new direction that may be even surprising All in all it s a fairly strong story especially considering the main characters are only in this one volume Star Wars Legends Project 167 Background Honor and Duty was published in May of 2006 It consists of 4 issues from the Republic run of comics 46 48 published October 2002 January 2003 and 78 published October 2005 All four issues were written by John Ostrander with the first three drawn by CP Smith and the fourth drawn by Luke Ross Ostrander has written several dozen issues of Star Wars comics across various series but this is the only Star Wars Legends work by the other two Artists Ross Has Done Ross has done issues of new continuity work for MarvelThe first three issues of Honor and Duty take place a Wirtschaftsgesetze, 35. Auflage: IDW Textausgabe year or so before the Battle of Geonosis 23ears before the Battle of Yavin and are the last issues of Republic that take place before the Clone Wars The fourth issue takes much later approximately two weeks after Order 66 19 ears before the Battle of YavinSummary Sagoro Autem is a third generation Senate Guard who serves the Republic with unswerving loyalty but the swirl of corruption that surrounds the politics of his day is about to drag him into a morass that will test an even greater loyalty FamilyReview I feel like there s not a lot I can say about this story without giving too much away because it s relatively short for everything that happens in it It didn t do much for me overall because I didn t feel very invested in the characters or feel a whole lot of sympathy for them and ultimately the story will stand or fall on that basis That said Ostrander is a very good writer as I ve often noted before and it s definitely a solid arc I liked the reference to illegal garbage pit racing on Coruscant from Rogue Planet and I liked the idea of following how the events surrounding Palpatine s rise to power might affect some of the Republic s ordinary citizens If that sounds appealing check this out It just wasn t my thingB Set in the days preceding Geonosis Honor and "Duty Is A Both A Political Whodunit "is a both a political whodunit a human drama the story of the disintegration of the government mirrored in the unraveling of one family sworn to protect the Republic Sagoro Autem is a 4th generation Senate Guard the men with blue capes and helmets ou may have noticed in the background in the preuel films While investigating the murder of a Senator killed just prior to a vote on legislation that could cause several worlds to leave the Republic Sogoro discovers some painfu. Watch the fall of the Republic through the eyes of Sagoro Autem Senate Guard mercenary prisoner Clone Wars hero and Imperial target in a story that spans from before the Clone Wars to the first mission of Darth VaderYoung Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker his even oung. ,

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