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Neko kNg refuge in the snowy French Alps and sipping water near what looks like a Roman bridgeThe paintings of the cat s single minded journey give the book a unity and emotional pull far beyond its relatively simple story The cat eventually finds a home and a friendly hand to pet him in a Matisse inspired home and a Cezanne inspired sea This is an excellent book especially for those who enjoy French landscapes and the painters who envisioned them LOVE the illustrations and the lowey story Very sweet beautifully illustrated and gives a good overlook of France We checked this "book out from our library but I loved it so much I bought "out from our library but I loved it so much I bought copy Apparently it isn t in print any because I could only find used library copies That was a bit disappointing however the story itself is not We are animal lovers here and my Malice (Conspiracy 365, kids were raised to be gentle andind to our cats As a result one of them loves to read about cats thus the reason we checked out this bookI don cats thus the reason we checked out this bookI don want to give away the story but it s a sweet and melancholy tale that left me with tears in my eyes It s a tale of devotion love memory and home I "would recommend it to a parent who wants to share a memorable and meaningful story with "recommend it to a parent who wants to share a memorable and meaningful story with children. Reathtaking images Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben take the reader on a journey across the Norman countryside past ancient ruins through bustling cities to the sparkling ports of the Mediterranean Sea and a place the cat can call home.

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 The Cat Who Walked Across France: A Picture BookWe love this book in school Beautiful illustrations and it is short "Enough To Be Used "to be used Talk for Writing Great story and art This is a beautiful story beautifully told and illustrated about a cat who is shipped away from home after his human companion dies The cat then walks back to the home he misses The story evokes yearninglonging for what used to be and the ending though happy for the cat and its new owners carries a tinge of sadness I admire the way the story is told in a restrained manner with strong action words and good descriptions but with little mention of the cat s feelings so that when they are mentioned they re powerfully felt Our grand daughter of 7 loved the book and reads it to her 2 Year Old BrotherShe Loves The Book She old brotherShe loves the book She us I love the book thank you grandma and poppa what book thank you Grandma and Poppa What we say Just a great children s book and fun for adults to with all the country views of France This is one lucky itty cat she has a tough journey at first It amused me to see her abandoned at the beginning in Rouen We went to see the cathedral there but the city is grown up and it s just too busy so we got the hell out too An orphaned cat walks from Rouen just outside of Paris to Mont Blanc via. An unforgettable tour of FranceThe cat and the old woman have lived happily together for many years in the stone house by the sea But when the old woman dies the cat is packed up with her belongings and sent north to the village where The Loire Valley and then all the way to St Tropez to "Find His Original Home "his original home this beautifully illustrated book Greg Hallensleben s rich captivating oil colors visible brush strokes dabs of color atmospheric haze and subject matter recall such great French Impressionists and Post Impressionists as Monet Van Gough Rousseau and GauginThe unnamed cat seen walking by a Monet inspired Notre Dame seems fated to join his gateaux miserables He prowled the street begging for scraps to eat and fleeing from stray dogs But then the Gallic spirit arises and he decides to head for the home he was Taken From Years Ago from years ago prose respects the intelligence of the young reader and the inner voice calling him to the sea is believableHowever this is of a picture book than an adventure tale Hallensleben shows the effects of light on scenery as the cat journeys towards the Mediterranean While Hallensleben s richly textured oils and vast horizons are impressive in their grandeur they don t distance the reader perhaps because we can identify with the cat and because of Hallensleben s warm and varied palette We see the cat on a bridge overlooking thundering trains resting on the lawns of a large shimmering chateau seeki. He was born Soon he is forgotten He walks the streets aimlessly until spurred by memories and a longing to return to the place he nows and loves the cat embarks on a journey to find the home he place he nows and loves the cat embarks on a journey to find the home he taken away fromIn lyrical prose and