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Interesting partly for it s extremely narrow focus the ressurection story in the New Testament and analysing the various arguments that it is historical the ressurection story in the New Testament and analysing the various arguments that it is historical think a christian would et less out of this than a non christian though not necessarily You can have an open look at the source material and put aside circular reasoning and double standards without abandoning basic beliefs but it did show that the arguments of people like william Lane Craig That The Craig that the is overwhelmingly in favour of historicity are bogusFor such a narrow topic it had a suprising number of essays arguing a number of different possibilities and even Internet Marketing for Smart People going into the state of jewish law at the time and how well the story as told and as intepreted by the evangelicals fits with what we know from other sources Interestingly the mythicist argument wasn t even addressed even though Richard Carrier one of the authors is now a leading mythicist To atheism what William Lane Craig is to Christianity The authors in this bookive some very Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) good and some very awful arguments for their side Lots ofood philosophical argumentation and lots of confirmation basis The most interesting thing about this book The Empty Tomb is that it had to be written at all What I mean is that you d never see an anthology of essays put together regarding whether or not the Labors of Hercules actually took place If the story of Hercules is a myth there s no reason to analyze the Labors Hercules actually took place If the story of Hercules is a myth there s no reason to analyze the Labors Likewise if the story of Jesus is also a myth then so is the resurrection and to study it as something that happened in history is just sillySo why concentrate on just the resurrection Why not look at the New Testament and supplemental materials If you find that the story of Jesus is a myth then everything discussed in the present volume is kind of uselessThat s why first I d recommend for a fuller analysis of the historicity uestion is to read Richard Carrier s On the Historicity of Jesus The conclusion is that than likely we re not even talking about a historical figure here And with that the resurrection oes into the realm of myth with itHowever if you re inclined to still believe there s a historical person behind the layers The Empty. Did Jesus rise from the dead Although 19th and early 20th century biblical scholarship dismissed the resurrection narratives as late legendary accounts Christian apologists in the late 20th century revived historical apologetics for the resurrection of Jesus with increasingly sophisticated arguments A few critics have directly addressed some of the new arguments but their response has been large. ,

The Empty Tomb Jesus Beyond The Grave

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Out these essays is how disparate they are They span history philosophy textual criticism mythography and replies to noted Christian apologists notably Swinburne and William Lane CraigStructurally this is not a cohesive noted Christian apologists notably Swinburne and William Lane CraigStructurally this is not a cohesive Each author s essays isare works unto themselves though the multiple contributions by Richard Carrier and Robert Price do refer back to each author s previous essaysIf I were to pick just two essays that are essential to rasping the central arguments they would be Is There Sufficient Historical Evidence to Establish the Resurrection of Jesus by Robert Greg Cavin and The Spiritual Body of Christ and the Legend of the Empty Tomb by Richard Carrier The Carrier essay is itself nearly book length and reuires the reader to be extremely fluent in the history of the New Testament s composition an Another topic which was the idea that the resurrection was not necessary for the theology of the new testament Others focus on arguing against apologists William Lane Craig Alvin Plantings and Richard Swinburne These chapters offer point by point refutations on these apologists arguments for the empty tomb I found it almost laughable that Plantinga consider knowledge by the holy spirit to be veridical A simple rebuttal is that often two people have opposite messages from the holy spirit which would make their knowledge contradictory This doesn t sseem to work There was one approach done by one of the authors It was analysing the story in economic terms What was the payoff for the disciples of the empty tombThis book defintely challenges the assumed truth of the empty tomb and its necessity in christian doctrine I found it to be pretty After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, good overall There was some repetition in the different chapters and one of Richard Carrier s chapters was possibly too long My suggestion for potential readers is that is aood book in protraying a part of the Jesus myth If your like me an atheist with a large dose of curiosity and skepticism you will find the book enriching If you are
"a christian your "
christian your on the truth of the ospels will be challenged Either way I highly recommend it Price is too technical and at times boringbut he is an undeniable scholar of the highest calibe. Said Jesus rose from the dead What historical evidence is needed to establish the resurrection If there is a God why would He resurrect Jesus Was there an empty tomb What should we make of the appearance stories Apart from historical evidence is belief in the resurrection justifiedThe Empty Tomb provides a sober objective response to arguments offered in defense of Christianity’s central claim. .
Tomb demonstrates rather well that the resurrection never happened not like today s believers think it did If there was a historical Jesus the original belief was that the dead Jesus took on a second body after death One like noted in 2 Corinthians 5 In other words there was no empty tomb Just mythology or if one is inclined to lean historically then euhemerism at best This book is a compilation of atheist positions against the resurrection It is important to allow yourself to be challenged by contrary positions to this vital Christian doctrine After all Paul says if the resurrection is not true our faith is in vain Warning Your faith may be challenged by reading this book but rest assured every position can be refuted by being a faithf Some authors were interesting than others Given the length of the book and style of composition I d say this book is useful if one is interested specifically in the field of resurrection debates It wouldn t be the most pleasant or interesting of a read otherwise due to in my opinion the very analytical approach of some authors and others point by point refutation of resurrection believing Christians Where to beginLet s start out with the most negative thing I can say about this book If you come to it expecting to read writers with the communication skills of Bart Ehrman you will be very disappointed No offense to the various authors but perhaps it would help them to Read How Professor Ehrman how Professor Ehrman To say these authors were dry is like saying the Pacific is a bit moistHaving said that if you want to delve deeply into scriptural criticism and understand why sophisticated theologians reject the physical resurrection of Jesus this book is priceless But do not try as I did to it as NARRATIVE HEAVILY REFERENCED PROFOUNDLY RESEARCHED AND SADLY EXTREMELY ACADEMIC Heavily referenced profoundly researched and sadly extremely style The Empty Tomb is almost a reference book on how to debate and discuss the single most important fact in Christian mythologyThe authors of the various essays are all either noted intellectuals or in the case of one a well respected internet blogger co editor of the collection whose essay I am pleased to say is the most readable of the collection The most fascinating thing ab. Ly muted The Empty Tomb scrutinizes the claims of leading Christian apologists and critiues their view of the resurrection as the best historical explanationThe contributors include New Testament scholars philosophers historians and leading nontheists They focus on the key uestions relevant to assessing the historicity of the resurrection What did the authors of the New Testament mean when they.