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Wright s Gar Previously long before I began to write reviews I read Machaelle Small Wright s Behaving as if the God in all Life mattered and Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and found them fantastic and fascinatingThus Machaelle and er two bodies the one in Perelandra ere on Earth and the other in the His book is not for you if You don't like detail and prefer to read A the His book is not for you if You don't like detail and prefer to read A occurs ere and they all lived Crystal Decoder happily ever after The Big Picture scares you You believe thinking about government and its impact on the social structure around you is beneath you You like being uninformed You don't wish to live within your community immediate and global responsibly You don't want to knowow a multi level project such as the Mt Shasta Mission is pulled off You don't ave the Mt Shasta Mission is pulled off You don't ave the for a story that starts slowl. Let me start with this book is not for everybody I d classify this in the alternative section So aving said that I think someone reading this book is either going to think it s wacko or brilliant and I m coming down on the side of brilliant I Ll Just Say This Much just say this much and you can decide from that alo. In Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon Machaelle wrote that what appened on Mt Shasta in 1985 was a book in itself Well ere's the book The Mount Shasta Mission is a story that starts slowly and uietly Unbeknownst to Machaelle at that time pieces that were seemingly unconnected but were later critical to the Mission were being put into place This is where we see the importance of doing what we are supposed to do even if we "don't ave a clue about the larger implications "have a clue about the larger implications the time the Naked Man arrives on. ,

Ne if you want to Read This BookYears Ago I this bookYears ago I The Secret Life of Plants which I found completely fascinating and compelling and then I met someone who lived at the Findhorn community in Scotland and who told me the story of ow that got going and then I read the book and from there I found Machaelle Small. The scene yes there's a naked man in the book and a commitment to the Mission
Is Made The Story 
made the story up speed and takes on the force of a igh speed train You'll laugh you'll cry you'll be amazed you'll want to scream you'll probably even want to slug a few people but mostly you'll gain a new appreciation of life and all that is The Thermals of August happening around us And you'll know in new ways justow much we are not alone when we umans are faced with the sometimes daunting task of moving ourselves and our world forward
On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, Your Name Here Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves,

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The Mount Shasta Mission