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Very disappointing as the information about Borman was roven wrong He Also Travels Very Lightly Over travels very lightly over service You will find much from other books on the subject Although a touch self serving and by no means completely revealing for obvious reasons this is a fascinating look into cold war espionage Sometimes I have to be careful that I m writing a review of the book I just read rather than a review of the subject In the case of a memoir it s a bit simpler Here we have a book about a man written by the man I really dislike this man and That Flows Through To The BookI Don flows through to the bookI don think Gehlen ever comes right out and says that he wasn t a Nazi I ve read several memoirs of German WWII officers I m retty sure every one of them denied being a Nazi They also all denied having anything to do with Nazi atrocities My unit didn t The Wind on the Heath participate we weren t there I knew nothing about any atrocities I m innocent There are no words like that in this bookBut you don t even need to read between the lines in this book Gehlen was either a Nazi or Nazi adjacent Some select uotesWe had realized that this vast country rich in manpower and raw material resources could in the final analysis only be conuered or rather liberated from communism with the help of the Russianeoples themselves snip We could have won the Russians over because of their instinct for national self Get Up and Do It! preservation aloneIn retrospect we can only agree that it is a matter for regret that Hitler did not follow Clausewitz teachings closely and act accordinglyAfter twenty years of arbitrary injustice and terror the reestablishment of elementary human rights such as the dignity of man liberty justice and the sanctity ofroperty united every inhabitant of the Soviet empire in a common readiness to support the Germans What could be natural for us than to exploit this readiness Sefton Delmer had Repeat Performance pumped out vitriolicropaganda against Hitler s GermanyHe complains at one Newsjacking point that he couldn t work with a German officer who broke hisersonal oath to Hitler Gehlen couldn t trust such a disloyal manTo suggest that readers of this book can only agree that it is a matter of regret that Hitler wasn t a better strategist is bizarreThe book was written 25 years after the war If he was unaware of the Nazi atrocities during the war he certainly had ample time before writing the book to learn about them And yet he calls the Nazi attack on Soviet Russia a war of liberation To say that The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, people liberated from the Soviet Communists would be granted by the Germans dignity of man liberty justice and the sanctity ofroperty is risible The Nazis liberated 27 million Soviets from Communism By killing themDoes one need to The Organic City pump out vitriolicropaganda against Nazi Germany It seems to me that simply telling the truth is good enoughAlthough nothing jumped out at me as anti Semitic Gehlen. So startling and dramatic are these memoirs the entire history of World War II will have to be rewritten because of them Gehlen's revelations cannot fail to embarrass governments cast doubts on famous. Doesn t his racism On West German arms exports to Israel These exports Affiliate Marketing Business provoked violent controversy and minatory reactions from the Arab states and ignited a dangerous fanaticism which can only be explained by the Arab mentalityOn the anti Communisturge in Indonesia the liuidization of the Communists including Aidit himself who was executed was carried out with a harshness and thoroughness typical of the Asian mentalityHow do you suppose he would react if someone described the systematic slaughter of millions of innocents and the theft of their roperties as would react if someone described the systematic slaughter of millions of innocents and the theft of their roperties as of the German mentality No doubt he d make some hand waving rationalizationSo much for the man What about the bookIt is broken down into four Hilla Rebay parts his time running Foreign Armies East the intelligence unit operating on the Eastern front setting up and running the Gehlen Organization with the Americans on behalf of West Germany converting that organization into the BND and finally someredictions of the futureThe first Living Doll part is somewhat interesting The second and thirdarts don t go into enough detail to be very fulfilling He basically tells us that he made no mistakes and his team Designing for Magazines predicted all the major worldwide events of the time In the fourthart he manages to get every The Wild Side prediction wrong In his defense it is really hard toredict the future According to sayings about this book i understand that a history researcher must read it really wonder this book but couldnt found anywhere yet In The Service Reinhard Gehlen gives an account of his role in the nascent intelligence service first of allied occupied West Germany then of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland The service began as the Abteilung Fremde Heere Ost an organization that would later become the Bundesnachrichtendienst Gehlen of course was a Major General in Nazi Germany s Fremde Heere Ost the military intelligence organization tasked with gathering intelligence on the Soviet Union during World War II As the war came to a close Gehlen sought the means of ensuring that he would end up in allied rather than soviet hands The book itself is interesting for those drawn to the dramatic transformation of the Second World War into the Cold War for in Gehlen s account the transformation is False Start particularly fluid in his case though his supporters changed his enemy remained always the same On the other hand the fluidity of that transformation serves another end one which it seems to me was very deliberately if only very uietly incorporated Gehlen s account serves as a kind of apology and I mean that in the strictest original sense Inortraying his work as essentially and unwaveringly focused on the enemy of the rise of totalitarian communism Gehlen downplays his role in the Tombland past threat of totalitarian Nazism The enemy of Nazi Germany becomes by his account a merely mitigated threat when co. Leaders and causes frighteningly underscore the fantasticower of espionage in world affairs The Service is the memoir of General Reinhard Gehlen legendary spymaster in chief Hitler's head of military.
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Mpared to the even greater threat after the war The real threat does not come from the right he seems to freuently be suggesting but from the left His role as a Nazi it seems to be implied should be weighed only after his service in The Service is considered Is national socialism to be measured in relation to Socialism to be measured in relation to opposition to communism That seems to me to be among his insinuations for he depicts himself as the indispensable asset needed by his new American handlers to confront the new and now far greater threat We should be grateful for Herr Gehlen s services Almost underlining this oint is this strange fact who could a once underlining this Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors point is this strange fact who could a once foe of the United Statesnow turned friend by means of the new mutual enemy of the Soviet Unionossibly turn to to translate his memoirs memoirs which Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! promise to show the nature of the real war going on the real war for which the Second World War was only the dangerous foreplay David Irving Yes that David Irving David Irving the notorious holocaust denier David Irving In reading this book about friends and enemies we have a responsibility of keeping in mind just that Post WWII Europe was basically the Wild West Gehlen describes in transactional terms the switching of the West s alliances from Russia to Germany Towards the end of the war he calculated that Hitler would lose and that West Germany would need an intelligence service He was able toosition himself and his inner circle as the obvious candidates for this role by exploiting their knowledge of the Soviets gathered during his time as head of all Eastern intelligence operations during the war He used this knowledge to build strategic relationships with the US military intelligence and subseuently the CIA and eventually set up and became head of the West German intelligence service Displaying strikingly arrogance Gehlen criticises Hitler not for his rank ideology or war crimes but for his leadership failures and not taking his advice during the German campaigns on the eastern front For example I still believe that we could have achieved our 1941 campaign objectives had it not been for the Dream Fossil pernicious interventions of Adolf Hitler Indeed chapters two and three read as if Gehlen wanted Germany to win the war At the same time he tries to distance himself and the Wehrmacht from Nazism While the Wehrmacht was been described as operating as a State within a State it shared the view of the National Socialists thatost WWI Germany should be remade into a militarised Volksgemeinschaft After We Collided (After, purged of those deemed as internal enemies such as the Jews who were believed to betrayed Germany in 1918 So Gehlen s account through his assumptions and omissionserpetuates the myth of the clean Wehrmacht At any rate Gehlen s memoir Web Marketing For Dummies provides fascinating albeit terrifying insights into the ice coldragmatism of ost WWII international relations. Espionage in Russia who as the war ended transferred his mammoth files and network of spies to the service of the United States ultimately to become chief of the official West German intelligence agen. ,